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Mechanic-Tractor/ Trailer Tech NLR - N Little Rock, AR

Tractor Technician 

This position is responsible for assisting in the operations of the department. An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job related responsibilities and duties throughout the facility as assigned and/or is necessary.


Essential Functions

An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without a reasonable accommodation.


Communicate with (or to) individuals or groups verbally and/or in writing (e.g. customers, suppliers, peers).


Perform Preventative Maintenance on tractors in accordance with 396.17.


Provide Preventative and Corrective Maintenance on tractor-trailer brake system components (e.g. hydraulic, air, anti-skid, ABS, EBS), including adjustment or replacement according to written procedures.


Maintain and diagnose tire conditions in accordance with written procedures and the TMC Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide.


Diagnose and make electrical/wiring repairs to tractor-trailer light assemblies.


Perform wheel end maintenance and repairs in accordance with OEM specifications (e.g. wheel seals, bearings, adjustment).


Complete repair orders, records, logs and other written or computer based documents according to established procedures. (e.g. charge parts/lubes, account for time, PM Forms)



An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.


Basic Fleet Maintenance Operations – Maintains, repairs and performs preventative maintenance on tractor-trailer equipment safely and correctly. Repairs tractor-trailer components correctly with limited supervision. Informs management about housekeeping opportunities, harmful working conditions, and unsafe work practices. Identifies broken tools and missing supplies required for repairs on equipment. Correctly completes repair orders with description of condition, cause and correction. Including properly completing a warranty return tag as needed.


Judgment: Make Effective Choices – Uses policies, procedures, and/or guides to make good choices. Uses data and facts in order to make day- to-day decisions and involves others as needed. Recognizes what might be a problem and informs those who can correct it.


Customer Centered – Shows care and concern when serving our driver customers. Asks questions in order to understand and meet customer needs. Uses policies and information in order to exceed expectations. Finds and uses right resources (people, products, tools) at the right time in order to resolve customer requests.


Execution and Results: Get Results – Ensures work is completed within established time standards and correctly with no rework. Works on top priorities first. Makes a consistent effort to get results. Meets deadlines. Takes actions in order to solve problems so work can be completed in a timely manner. 


Planning and Improvement – Accepts responsibility and meets expectations for own work. Identifies steps needed in order to carry out work as required.



Job Description


Tractor Technician I


Influence and Communicate – Listens to others and asks questions to learn about what is needed. Communicates the right information to others as needed. Communicates in a respectful and professional manner.


Ethics and Compliance – Follows company policies and procedures. Shows integrity and ethical behavior in all work situations. Reports ethical and compliance issues promptly.


Adaptability – Adapts to changing work demands. Stays focused on own work when faced with change or difficulties. Stays open to and leans from assignments and feedback.


Physical Activities

The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.


Reads information, often in small print.


Differentiates sounds in order to inspect and maintain equipment, identify potential hazards, or recognize safety alarms.


Enter and locate information on computer or system communication device.


Grasps, turns, and manipulates objects of varying size and weight requiring fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Moves up and down a ladder or stairs.


Moves, lifts, carries, and places parts and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance.


Apply sideways/upward/downward pressure to tighten and loosen hardware (e.g. nuts, bolts).


Reaches overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping.


Stand for extended periods of time.


Visually inspects equipment.


Visually verifies information, often in small print.


Walk within work area for extended periods of time.


Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as required, which could include, but not limited to fall protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, chemical protection and electrical protection such as protective footwear.


Operate a motor vehicle or other large power equipment within tight spaces.


Work Environment

Working in the following environment is necessary to perform one or more of the essential functions of this position.


Works in area requiring exposure to varying temperatures, extreme heat or cold, and/or wet, damp, or drafty conditions.


Moves over sloping, uneven, or slippery surfaces.



 Job Description


Tractor Technician I


Work in areas with high noise levels that may require hearing protection.


Works in areas requiring exposure to potential allergens or hazardous substances which may cause allergic reactions, injury, or serious illness.


Flexible work hours.


Entry Requirements


Minimum Qualifications


6 month technical school certificate in Heavy Equipment Maintenance or 1 year experience in a mechanical repair shop (e.g. other fleet maintenance company,  medium/heavy duty truck dealership,  military occupational specialty).


FMCSR Section 396.25 (brake) and Section 396.19 (inspector) qualified.


Preferred Qualifications


2 or more years experience in a Medium to Heavy Duty vehicle fleet shop or dealership.


College or Technical school level degree in Heavy Duty Truck/Trailer Maintenance or Diesel Technology.


Both Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical certificate.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Medium/Heavy Duty Truck certified (T4- Brakes, T8- Preventative Maintenance and Inspection).

State Class 8 Vehicle Inspectors Certificate

Must be able to work all shifts and hours and posses proper tools to complete job task as assigned.
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Job ID:

N Little Rock, AR

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Mechanic-Tractor/ Trailer Tech NLR

City, State or Zip Code: N Little Rock, AR

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 3/08/2019