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Diesel Mechanic - Bossier City, LA

We are hiring Diesel Mechanics

A and B Techs


Diagnoses, repairs and performs maintenance on alternative fuel, diesel and/or gasoline trucks. Assists and provides guidance to other technicians in repairs and maintenance. Performs road tests on customer vehicles to diagnose problems and/or test repairs.



The following responsibilities are general duties that a particular employee in this position may or may not be required to perform. The actual duties required of this position will vary.


·    Diagnoses mechanical problems on suspension, brake system, electrical system, hydraulic system, drive train, engine and transmission.

•     Performs repairs and maintenance on alternative fuel, diesel and/or gasoline trucks. Typical repairs include, but are not limited to, maintenance and repair of engines, chassis, driveline, body components, hydraulic systems, brake systems, electrical systems, suspension systems, wheels, and tires.

•   Communicates regularly with the Supervisor or Manager regarding work schedules, job assignments, and other shop issues.  

•   Reads and interprets repair orders, communicates with supervisor and/or driver for clarification of problems.

·   Completes all paperwork associated with repairing vehicles, clean warranty parts, tags parts, and turns in to appropriate personnel.

·    Makes emergency road calls to repair trucks, as needed.

•    Estimates time and materials required for repairs. Interprets and makes repairs using appropriate Service Manuals and on-line resources. Verify repairs are completed correctly.

•    Keeps work area clean, free from spills and safety hazards. Notifies Supervisor of any unsafe items needing repaired.

•    Performs other job-related duties as assigned.



The following physical activities or abilities are commonly used, but not always, associated with the performance of this position. The actual requirements of this position will vary.

•   Lift and carry 50 pounds.

•    Push/pull at least 75 pounds. 

•    Climb into and out of equipment.



•   Either (1) high school diploma or G.E.D. certification and 2 years of related truck or heavy equipment maintenance: OR (2) 4 years of related truck or heavy equipment maintenance.

•   DOT Qualifications including Brake Maintenance & Inspections, and Annual Vehicle Inspections.

•    Valid Class A or B commercial driver license (CDL)

•    Knowledge, skill and ability to inspect, diagnose and repair suspension, brake system, electrical system, hydraulic system, tires, drive train, engine, and transmission.

•    Knowledge of DOT, OSHA and other applicable health and safety standards.

•     Customer Service – Acts in a professional, courteous and cooperative manner to coworkers. Within reason, does what it takes to meet and exceed expectations of customers.                                

•     Dependability – Follows through and does what he/she says he/she will do. Shows up to work on time and adheres to the established work schedule.

•      Ethics – Does the right thing. Adheres to the laws as well as policies and rules. Promptly reports concerns or potential violations in accordance with reporting procedures.

•        Learning Ability – Readily acquires knowledge and skill in concepts and techniques that are new to him/her. Remembers and applies what he/she has learned.

•        Safety Orientation – Follows and promotes the customer’s safety rules and procedures. Shows an appreciation and sets an example for safe work behavior. Does not take inappropriate risks.

•        Troubleshooting – Diagnoses existing problems and predicts potential problems. Determines root causes of failures and chooses the best repair option.



(Actual machines, tools, equipment and/or software used will vary)


•    Personal Protective Equipment including, but not limited to, dust mask, earplugs, gloves, hardhat, respirator, safety glasses, work boots.

•    Hand tools including, but not limited to, hammers, screwdriver, air tools and wrenches. Vehicles including but not limited to forklifts and company vehicles.

•    Machines including, but not limited to, drill press, engine hoist, floor jacks, grinders, overhead cranes and welders.

•    Computer diagnostic software, MS word programs.  




(The actual working conditions will vary)

•    Shop environment including, but not limited equipment, chemicals, solvents, dust, and fumes.

•    Exposure to heat and cold weather. 

This job description is not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required by personnel so classified. Furthermore, they do not establish a contract for employment and are subject to change at the discretion of the company.





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Job ID:

Bossier City, LA

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Diesel Mechanic

City, State or Zip Code: Bossier City, LA

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 4/18/2019