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Maintenance & Inventory Clerk - Shreveport, LA

The Maintenance Inventory Clerk is part of the maintenance & production teams and is responsible for ensuring paperwork and data entry is up to date and that all necessary maintenance functions are supported.

Assist the supply chain, maintenance manager and the department in all functions and will oversee the administration of all maintenance programs.

Adhere to the reporting program outlined with the SOP to ensure critical functions are being performed. To maintain and insure proper inventory levels on Plant Manager Inventories and reordering of parts insure plant will operate with no down time. Receiving orders and validating orders for inventoried parts.

Assist the Human Resources Department with aspects of the formal safety program.


Essential Job Functions

•             Input all Work Orders completed from the previous day

•             Create new work orders in the CMMS based on hand written work orders

•             Send the Parts Usage Inventory Report to the Maintenance Manager and accounting

•             Maintain all paperwork for maintenance department

•             Input key department metrics

•             Reduce cost of material by researching others vendors

•             Obtain parts or supplies from local vendors

•             Ensure that the Supply Chain & Maintenance Manager are notified when out of normal parts usage is noted

•             Order Parts and Equipment

•             Review work orders daily to determine parts usage

•             Maintain inventory in parts room to re-order when required

•             Enter all parts ordered in Maintenance CMMS

•             Create all purchase requests and submit for approval

•             Ensure that no parts are ordered without a valid work order attached

•             Negotiate costs on parts purchased to see cost reduction

•             Receive and Stock Parts

•             Receive parts that have been ordered

•             Verify the order is complete

•             Ensure parts that are received in correct areas

•             Update Maintenance CMMS with parts received

•             Inventory

•             Perform audits of the parts room to ensure that we maintain proper levels

•             Reporting cost of equipment operation

•             Reporting to assist in inventory management

•             Assist in management of tool and chemical inventories

•             Assist in maintaining the department library

•             Complete daily Plant safety inspections

•             Assist in New Hire Safety Training

•             Assist in Annual Safety Training for all employees

•             Maintain inventory in First Aid Kits

•             Perform monthly eye wash station, emergency doors, and fire extinguishers inspections

•             Assist with the Safety Committee

•             Complete and maintain Job Hazard Analysis’ for all positions

•             Assist in accident investigations and root cause analysis in order to provide a corrective action.

•             Responsible for reporting issues related to Food Packaging safety or quality.

•             Perform other duties as assigned.

Keywords: Inventory, Maintenance, Clerk, safety

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Shreveport, LA

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Maintenance & Inventory Clerk

City, State or Zip Code: Shreveport, LA

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 3/05/2019