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Auditor - Pasadena, TX

Assignment: Auditor

Starting Pay is $12.00/Hr.

All Potential Employees Must Be Skilled Drivers on the Reach Lift and Order Picker. They will have to do a road test upon arrival at the facility.

Our Expectations:

  • Hard Working
  • Reliable
  • Mature
  • Dependable
  • Independent Thinker
  • Focused
  • Team Player

Safety Requirements:

  • Steel Toe Shoes
  • The use of back belts are prohibited by company policy.

Auditor verifies order is correct, once verification is complete audit will pack out order and ship to customer.

This position does use a computers to complete the job. This is basic computer operation, while we do want you to have some computer experience we are not looking for computer programmers.

Potential Employees must know that regardless of the position hired for they are warehouse workers. They will work where in the building they are needed.

  • This is a productivity based job. What this means is after initial training and a 4 week training period employees are expected to meet the productivity requirements. Please note that training is on the job but may require after hour work. You may focus on a particular area (example: picking orders) and once mastered or at supervisor’s digression transition to another position (example: packing orders). Transition will be based where you may best benefit the team. You must be willing and ready to adjust as necessary.
  • Accuracy and Productivity are paramount in everything we do. While we will work with employees on productivity and give them time to get to where they need to be accuracy starts on day one. There is no training curve for accuracy our orders must be right 99.9% of the time.
  • This will be a multi-faceted position were responsibilities include all functions of the distribution center. You will be required to create and attach labels, shrink wrap shipments, use various shipping applications to determine best option package delivery. You will pick and/or pack orders when necessary. You may also be required to meet productivity requirements outside of the auditor function. Schedule will vary based on distribution center need.
  • We do have a coaching process that we will incorporate if an employee cannot meet these requirements after the training period. This consists of retraining and documentation. First documentation is verbal, then we go to written and if there are still opportunities after the written we will end that assignment. We set our team up for success not failure, we will do all we can to make sure every team member gets the same opportunities with being successful.

*****Use of a cell phone on the floor for purposes of communication is strictly prohibited. ****


Please contact our Pasadena office for more information.
Keywords: auditor, warehouse, order picker, shipping, TPAS

Job ID:

Pasadena, TX

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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City, State or Zip Code: Pasadena, TX

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 5/09/2018