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Maintenance Technician - Longview, TX

Job Summary:

Assess, repair, and evaluate through corrective maintenance actions machinery, equipment, tooling, facilities, facility support mechanisms, etc. Utilize accepted techniques necessary to repair, replace, or otherwise make ready for use existing and new devices needed for the operation of manufacturing business and operations.

Essential Responsibilities:

Ability to measure voltage, current and power in AC and DC circuits, read electrical circuit diagrams and mechanical drawings, test and replace faulty electrical and mechanical devices, mechanisms, machinery, equipment, tooling, control components, etc., order materials needed for a job where necessary, always consider safety, both personal and for those working in the areas surrounding, when doing any task, maintenance job duties may be expanded, altered, and/or changed both in short term and long term as need arises, responsible for coordinating with co-workers and ensuring their work meets all production standards and schedules, ensures duties are completed in accordance with the quality and engineering standards, assists with some sheet metal fabricating CNC equipment, to produce parts for commercial HVAC units, participates with training new employees.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have attained a minimum of High School graduate/GED and completed 12-15 hours in ELPT, INMT, and/or HYDR from an accredited college or university, or have at least 5 years maintenance experience or equivalent to meet entry-level requirements. Education beyond the minimum is an added advantage for career development activities.License: EPA Refrigerant Handling. Certifications: Industrial Maintenance, HVAC, Electrical, Welding

Keywords: Maintenance, Maintenance Technician

Job ID:

Longview, TX

Job Type:
Full Time, Career Position



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Maintenance Technician

City, State or Zip Code: Longview, TX

Position Type: Full Time, Career Position

Date Posted: 3/04/2019