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Certified Industrial Electrician - Garden City, GA


Perform electrical, mechanical, sheet metal, welding and pipefitting duties which involve replacing, repairing, and cleaning equipment and/or component parts. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Performs all functions of the job in a safe manner and promptly reports any unsafe behaviors to the shift supervisor. 2. Maintains, installs, operates, sets up and tests all types of plant equipment; both mechanically and electrically. This also includes any lubrication or other periodic servicing of same. 3. Reads and works from basic blueprints and drawings to perform maintenance and service, install and/or modify equipment. 4. Reads wiring diagrams and sketches. 5. I s knowledgeable of Underwriters and NEMA codes and requirements and is able to work to same. 6. Possesses sufficient knowledge for correct analysis of mechanical/electrical difficulty and makes necessary corrections. 7. Always works with safety in mind and is knowledgeable of LOTO, machine guarding and other safety rules, policies, procedures and laws. 8. Assembles, dismantles and/or moves any type of equipment using proper tools, rigging and gear. 9. Maintains good housekeeping sufficient to insure safety and uphold plant standards. 10. Performs repairs and maintenance on piping, and any plant equipment. 11. Disassembles and assembles motors, gearboxes, speed regulators, controllers and other types of electrical equipment. Also works on bearings, slip rings, brushes, gears, mounts, etc. 12. Installs and repairs electrical conduit, connections and splices cable. 13. Uses all types of testing equipment normally used in an industrial setting. 14. Diagnoses both electrical and mechanical problems and develops fastest, low cost options to fix. 15. Is willing and able to instruct, train and direct the efforts of others. 16. Works alone or in cooperation with others and other department to do any work on any plant equipment in the most time and cost efficient manner. 17. Handles all maintenance requests as directed. 18. Operates any plant mobile or hoisting equipment for the performance of maintenance/engineering work. 19. Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of the job as directed by the supervisor. • Must be able to read, write, and speak English • Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions • Must possess strong communication and organizational skills • Must have the ability to multi-task • Must have strong internal and external customer service skills • Must work well in team environment • Must have the ability to do basic mathematical calculations • Must have a minimum of 2 years of minimal industrial maintenance. • Must be available for off shift call duty on a scheduled basis. • Must be certifiable within 90-day probationary period. • Must maintain a passable score of 77% on bi-annual controls skill assessment exam. • Must be able to troubleshoot controls related systems using controls PC software. • Must be able to complete or oversee project work or craft work when required. • Must be willing and able to train others on advanced craft or controls related skills. • Must learn new controls technologies and systems as required through out plant. COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE COMPENTENCIES The employee must be able to: o Log on to company computer system o Check e-mail o Create, reply to e-mail EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE The employee should have the following: • High School Diploma or Equivalent • Secondary certification for Industrial Electrician ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/WORK ENVIRONMENT The employee should possess the ability to: • Pass drug screen at prior to employment • Acceptable background check • Pass pre-employment physical

Keywords: electricain, industrial , technician, mechanical, certified electrician

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Garden City, GA

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Full Time, Temp Position



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Certified Industrial Electrician

City, State or Zip Code: Garden City, GA

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 1/19/2019