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Entry Level Technicians - Project Assistant - Elgin, IL

Looking to make extra money? Look no further! Advantage Resourcing has an 11 day project waiting for you!

Starting February 27th we will need 3rd shift Project Assistants to work with senior technicians to move phones to user’s desks. Please see information below:

3rd Shift (7 hours) Starting at 10:30 PM



Unbox and assemble new phone, including stand and place on desk

Plug in hand set, network cable and A/C power

Once installed and plugged in, the phone will display an extension, the extension will be configured to the new phone. Techs will assist with guidance and questions

technician will call a bridge line, report the extension and to test and validate the audio is working properly

Remove old phone and place in designated area

Remove trash to designated area

Technician is not to perform any configuration or break/fix activities

 Schedule: (subject to change)

Date      Start Times

27-Feb (night)   5:00pm CST

28-Feb  5:00pm CST

1-Mar    10:30pm CST

2-Mar    10:30pm CST

6-Mar    10:30pm CST

7-Mar    10:30pm CST

8-Mar    10:30pm CST

9-Mar    10:30pm CST

13-Mar 10:30pm CST

14-Mar 10:30pm CST

15-Mar 10:30pm CST

 Interested? Call me!! 212-822-5904 or email me at

Keywords: project assistant, technician

Job ID:

Elgin, IL

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Entry Level Technicians - Project Assistant

City, State or Zip Code: Elgin, IL

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 2/25/2019