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Groundsman - Collins, GA

GROUNDSMAN: The purpose of the groundsman position to assist all chip mill personnel as needed in the operation, maintenance, and housekeeping of the entire mill to ensure safe and efficient production of chips. RESPONSIBILITIES: The responsibilities of the groundsman include: ? Allowing the mill to run constantly by maintaining a ready supply of chipper knives and assisting in maintenance functions. ? Maintaining the cleanliness of the mill. ? Providing assistant to all chip mill personnel as needed and to relieve the crane operator as required. SPECIFIC DUTIES: The specific duties of the groundsman are to: ? Sharpen chipper knives ? Perform housekeeping duties in the entire mill ? Communicate with mill operator concerning operational state of the chipper. ? Assist chipper knife change ? Relieve crane operator whenever necessary ? Assist in maintenance of equipment (LOTO Training completed on Day 1 – all equipment is LOTO while being worked on. This is maintenance that is NOT electrical work. No temp employees will be allowed to go inside electrical boxes.) ? Break Boxes in the MCC Room – Break boxes for LOTO for changing knives. Picture attached. In order to go into the MCC Room – the following PPE Gear is required: face shield, hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, Arc Flash Gloves. Break is turned down, and locks are applied by all associates. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The physical requirements of the groundsman include but are not limited to the ability to: ? Assist all personnel as needed by moving throughout the entire mill ? Drum Debarker to the shop is free to all associates while mill is in operation. o Groundmans can be in the following areas of the mill doing the following task: • Shop • Knife Room (cleaning up, changing knives) • Back Pad (clean up from debarking) • Chip Pad (running a front end loader, pushing chips for distribution) • Bark Bin (bark clean up, on a secure, hand rail and toe guarded cat walk that is 40-50 ft high) ***Associates CAN NOT be by the Crane to the Drum Debarker while the Mill is in operation.*** ***Associates CAN NOT be on a catwalk with a moving conveyor.*** ? Climb steps and ladders to heights as high as 100 feet. (No heights above 80 feet in Collins) ? Lift objects as heavy as 100lbs such as bebarking drum tires and the chipper anvil on occasion. With 100lbs lifting, buddy lifting will be used. ? Climb into small and tight locations for inspection, housekeeping, and maintenance. No small and tight locations are permitted, confined spaces. ? Communicate with mill operator over a two-way radio. ? Discern visually wood species, type, condition and age from distances of over 50 feet whenever operating the crane. ? Coordinate eyes, hand, and feet to operate grapple and crane simultaneously whenever operating the crane.

Keywords: groundsman, chip mill, general labor

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Collins, GA

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Full Time, Temp Position



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City, State or Zip Code: Collins, GA

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 10/03/2018