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Material Handler - Houston, TX

Purpose Receive, store, issue, and ship materials, equipment, and other items from stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard. Keep records and compile stock reports.


• Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer.

• Pack and unpack items to be stocked on shelves in stockrooms, warehouses, or storage yards.

• Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.

• Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, or other areas.

• Mark stock items using identification tags, stamps, electric marking tools, or other labeling equipment.

• Examine contents and compare with records, such as manifests, invoices, or orders, to verify accuracy of incoming or outgoing shipment.

• Prepare documents, such as work orders, bills of lading, and shipping orders to route materials to domestic and international locations.

• Record shipment data, such as weight, charges, space availability, and damages and discrepancies, for reporting, accounting, and recordkeeping purposes.

• Determine shipping method for materials, using knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.

• Deliver or route materials to departments, using work devices, such as hand truck and sorting bins.

• Pack, seal, label, and affix postage to prepare materials for shipping, using work devices such as hand tools, power tools, and postage meter.

• Confer and correspond with establishment representatives to rectify problems, such as damages, shortages, and nonconformance to specifications.


• Requisition and store shipping materials and supplies to maintain inventory of stock.

• Contact carrier representative to make arrangements and to issue instructions for shipping and delivery of materials.

• Compute amounts, such as space available, and shipping, storage, and demurrage charges, using calculator or price list.

• Clean and maintain supplies, tools, equipment, and storage areas in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

• Determine proper storage methods, identification, and stock location based on turnover, environmental factors, and physical capabilities of facilities.

• Keep records on the use and/or damage of stock or stock handling equipment.

• Examine and inspect stock items for wear or defects, reporting any damage to supervisors.

• Provide assistance or direction to other stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard workers.

• On Call is a requirement.

• Ability to operate material handling equipment.

• Knowledge of shipping and receiving activities.

• Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service and personal services.

Qualifications REQUIRED

• High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED).

• One (1) to Two (2) years’ experience in a warehouse environment preferred. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics

? Skill to effectively manage time to meet operational needs and desired outcomes.

? Provides assistance to others when they need it

? Checks the accuracy of own and others' work Working Conditions This position is considered


Keywords: material handler, shipping, receiving, cycle counting

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Houston, TX

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Material Handler

City, State or Zip Code: Houston, TX

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 11/03/2018