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Machine Operator - Charlestown, IN

A plastics company in Southern Indiana is hiring a full time molding & machining associates.


 •Operation of manually-fed and automated machinery
 – Entails safely starting, supporting, troubleshooting, maintaining, and cleaning of any and all assignable machinery.

Tasks may include use of powered lift equipment and working on fixed elevated platforms.
 •Inspection of manufactured fittings to quality specification
 – Associate will be expected to use many different forms of measuring tools, including plug and ring gages, as well as calipers and micrometers to ensure manufactured fittings comply with internal and external quality standards.

•Clean up of work area
– Associate will be expected to maintain a clean and safe work area around the machinery to which they are assigned each day.
This cleaning may include, sweeping, mopping, removal of manufacturing by-products, and cleaning of surrounding work areas.

 •Flow to available work
– Associates will be expected to work in other manufacturing areas as dictated by the flow of orders. Assignment to other work areas can last for indeterminate periods of time.

•Adheres to all safety guidelines.

 •Supports safety committee: participates in safety initiatives

 EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Experience successfully operating and maintaining the machinery associated with this particular work area will be most heavily considered when selecting from applicants for this position (experience operating and maintaining any heavy manufacturing equipment, manual and/or automated, will be considered favorable).

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Charlestown, IN

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Machine Operator

City, State or Zip Code: Charlestown, IN

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 5/21/2018