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Robotics Systems Associate - Slatersville, RI

1st shift Robotics System Associate!!

1st Shift - Rate is $25.00/hr. –

Hours: 6:45A – 3:15P with ½ hour unpaid lunch


  • Integrates pneumatic, electromechanical devices and Programmable Logic Controllers into control systems, which operate production machinery and facility equipment.
  • Designs safety circuits to relieve all stored energy for emergency stops and OSHA compliance.
  • Designs and develops programs for automated systems utilizing PLC Ladder Logic and windows based programs such as Visual basic and Allen Bradley software, integrating all devices into fully communicating networks.
  • Assists in the design of control platforms for automation systems, including wiring diagrams, installation and programming with error messaging, utilizing touch screen or computer based operating systems.
  • Troubleshoot and install ancillary machinery systems which may include, computers, programmable logic controllers, vision systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, power transmission systems to include belt drives, chain drives, variable frequency motor controls, DC variable speed systems and any other means of power transmission or control.
  • Interacts with machinery maintenance personnel to assist them in troubleshooting machinery control systems and automation needs of currently installed.
  • Assists in the development, implementation and training of technical personnel as required to operate and maintain systems.
  • Provides information and technical data on the presently installed systems and future needs systems in those areas he/she is responsible to maintain and install, including all service manuals and schematics ladder logic print-outs and operator manuals
  • Assists Robotic & Systems Engineer with installs, customization, upgrades and maintainence of hardware and software utilized by end users to ensure optimization and performance of the integrated system.
  • Assists in the creation and maintenance of all related operator manuals, schematics, inventory databases for hardware and software, and hardcopy files.

EH Safety shoes required - must cover ankles, be electrical hazard rates and have solid sides (no mesh).

Keywords: Robotics System Associate, Control Systems, Troubleshoot

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Slatersville, RI

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Robotics Systems Associate

City, State or Zip Code: Slatersville, RI

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 8/01/2018