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Sanitation Supervisor - North Kingstown, RI

Position available for Sanitation Supervisor!!!

Hours: 10AM-6:30PM


  •  Supervise the sanitation team and conduct weekly sanitation meetings and participating in monthly safety meetings.
  •   Fill in with hands-on work when tasks require > 1 person and when short-handed or covering breaks/vacations.
  •  Ensure that all food processing equipment, floors and walls are cleaned and sanitized according to the master sanitation schedules.
  •  Measure, through time studies, task times with goal of continuous improvement
  •  Perform ATP’s of assigned areas, and other areas as requested. Develop corrective actions as needed.
  •  Manage the 3rd Party Chemical provider; Chemical Program and Approved Chemical ownership
  •  Order and maintain proper storage of chemicals & cleaning materials/tools
  •   Manage the cleaning and sanitation of all food surfaces, equipment and waste disposal areas.
  •  Manage sanitation/housekeeping tasks facility wide as well as grounds – ex: shoveling, salting, etc.
  •  Manage garbage disposal/waste removal --- scheduling of pickups
  •  Manage the cleaning activities associated with general office and staff amenity areas; is a collaborating role in general facilities management. Rev. 4/09/2018
  •  Reviewing and confirming accuracy of MSS and quality of completion
  •  Evaluate and manage changes to the MSS as it relates to new equipment, and or changes in procedure or process
  •   Chemical training responsibilities – responsible for training entire site staff in the appropriate handling, dispensing and application of chemicals
  •  Perform Cleaning and Sanitation Validation activities on new equipment and processes as needed.
  • Responsible for training of department personnel on new cleaning/sanitation equipment & processes.
  •  Responsible for training of department staff on safety practices, policies and procedures.
  •  Responsible for training, administering and enforcing company policy and procedures.
  •  Assist the Food Safety/Quality Manager in developing, making recommendations on and implementing the sanitation budget.


  • Thorough knowledge of food manufacturing process and operations, preferably in a food, beverage or bakery manufacturing environment.
  •  Thorough knowledge of chemicals and usage.
  •  Knowledge of USDA/FDA rules and regulations.
  •  Thorough knowledge of SSOPs and HACCP/GFSI schemes/ FSMA sanitation controls.
  •  Knowledge of Sanitation Validation
  •  Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of food industry sanitation & supervisory experience or equivalent.
  •  Bilingual (English/Spanish or English/French) a plus.



Keywords: Sanitation Supervisor, Sanitation

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North Kingstown, RI

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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Sanitation Supervisor

City, State or Zip Code: North Kingstown, RI

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 8/03/2018