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Seamstress - Dothan, AL

  • Creates made-to-measure clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses for their customers.
  • Will sometimes make a sample or a 'toile', out of cheaper fabric to check the design and fit before cutting an expensive fabric. You would use a machine for most of the sewing, but finish detailed work, such as beading or embroidery, by hand.
  • Seamstress could also offer an alteration and repair service. Heavier items such as coats and suits are normally made by tailors.
  • Must be able to imagine how a dress will look from the pattern design.

Keywords: Sewing, seamstress, alterations, machine

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Dothan, AL

Job Type:
Full Time, Temp Position



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City, State or Zip Code: Dothan, AL

Position Type: Full Time, Temp Position

Date Posted: 2/01/2019