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Mechanic- Reefer Tech- Orlando - Orlando, FL



The primary function of this position is to repair trailer refrigeration equipment that is not functioning correctly. This work includes diagnosing complex mechanical, refrigerant, and electrical problems related to all Reefer systems (single & multi-temp), including engine, cooling, heating and on board computer modules. May require repairs and diagnostics on starting and charging system, complex cooling and re-charge, and electrical including common fault codes. Repairs include performing leak detection procedures, compressor replacements, rebuilding throttling valves, soldering refrigerant lines, evaporator/condenser replacements and front main engine seal replacements.







  1. Promptly, at start of shift, review work schedule, check equipment and supplies required to perform the work scheduled, and prepare for operations.


  3. Must be consistently capable of independently analyzing and safely resolving mechanical problems.


  5. Accurately complete DOT forms and all other forms of documentation in timely fashion


  7. Pull trailers in and out of shop using yard jockey before and after repairs.


  9. At end of shift, secure all equipment and machinery, and complete all required paperwork.


  11. Perform refrigeration unit preventative maintenance (pm’s) as outlined in TKSE pm guideline’s


  13. Identify and obtain necessary replacement parts as needed to execute repairs


  15. Install test equipment and properly evaluates unit operating condition


  17. Reads and understands electrical and refrigerant schematics and symbols


  19. Leak checks and repairs leaking refrigeration systems


  21. Examines vehicle and discusses with customer, Service Manager, Service Writer, the extent of damage or malfunction


  23. Night Call out Service or mobile unit service may be assigned on a rotating basis






  • Must be able to meet the ergonomic, as well as the physical base scores for this position.



    • Stand: 70%; Walk: 30%; Sit: 0%.



    • Lift/Carry: 50 lb.


      • Static p/p: 0 lb.



  • Lift bulky objects: yes.


    • Pinch minimum: 8 lb.


      • Grasp minimum: 35 lb.





  • Full range of motion required: Cervical, Lumbosacral Spine, Knees, Feet, Elbows, Hands, Wrists, Shoulders, and Fingers (Rt. and Lt. Thumb, Middle, and Index).


  • Job Function Cycles: Highly Repetitious Continual As Needed Other


  • Must pass company tests: Agility, Drug, Alcohol, and Hearing.


  • Working Conditions: 100% Inside, Electrical Shock, Height, Odors, Steps, Handrails, Slick Floor, and Concrete Floors.





  • Must be a US Citizen, or a legal alien.


  • Must be 21 years of age.


  • Must complete a probationary period.


  • Must have earned a High School Diploma, or a GED.


  • Must read, write, and communicate in English as it relates to this position and to the safety regulations.


  • Must meet the ergonomic and physical requirements, as well as the physical base scores for this position.


  • Must be able to use, or learn to use, the equipment and tools used to perform this job.


  • Must be able to perform all of the job functions safely.


  • Must meet the company performance standards for the job.


  • Must agree to wear the proper assigned clothes and shoes approved for this job.


  • Must complete an initial training program.

Ideal candidate will have mechanical background, 3-5 years experience preferred, trade school education. Must have own tools- DVOM, refrigerant gauges, etc. Comprehends and able to apply basic refrigeration and 12v DC/ Ohm’s Law fundamentals. Must have basic computer skills and soldering skills. Positive attitude, customer service oriented and works well with others. Able to meet and exceed productivity standards.



    Keywords: Reefer, Trailer, Mechanic, Diesel, Maintenance, Transportation

    Job ID:

    Orlando, FL

    Job Type:
    Full Time, Career Position



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    Mechanic- Reefer Tech- Orlando

    City, State or Zip Code: Orlando, FL

    Position Type: Full Time, Career Position

    Date Posted: 2/26/2019